Club By-laws

Article I- Name

The name of this Club shall be Southeastern Mass Canary Club (SEMCC).

Article II- Purpose

  1. To promote the keeping of canaries in the home and to ensure they are well cared for.
  2. To further the interest of bird lovers in the care, improving and breeding of cage birds by means of lectures, dissemination of literature, shows, etc.
  3. To issue newsletters containing reports of meetings, seasonal hints, articles of interest, and a forum for advertising and exchanging of birds.
  4. To keep members advised of government regulations pertaining to the keeping, importing and exporting of birds, and proposed alterations to regulations.
  5. To increase knowledge of the origin, breeding, and improving of species and the promoting and preserving of genetic diversity.

Article III- Membership

  1. Any individual interested in breeding, vending, and exhibiting cage bird canaries, to help protect the wild fauna, to encourage and preserve the intended species, and/or furthering our purpose shall be eligible for filing an application for membership regardless of sex, creed, color or national origin.
  2. Application for membership shall be mailed to the Executive Secretary and reviewed by the Executive Board of Directors.
  3. Dues shall be determined on a year-to-year basis. Dues are payable by February 28th. Those delinquent after such date will lose all the Club’s privileges. All dues must be paid by February 28th of every year.
  4. A dropped or resigned member will be treated as a new applicant.
  5. Any member who expresses dissatisfaction with the Club and expresses that they do not want to participate in the Club forfeits their membership fee.
  6. The Club holds the right to revoke membership to any member who does not adhere to Club rules and regulations, promotes disorder and is considered to not be in good standing. Such members will receive a full refund and a letter explaining why their membership was revoked.
  7. The applicant shall receive a membership card immediately from the Membership Registrar. Every member shall receive a card for the current year upon payment of dues.
  8. Complimentary membership may be conferred at the discretion of the executive.
  9. A new member shall be entitled to vote on Club matters 90 days after becoming a member, and must be in good standing by February 28th.

ARTICLE IV- Honorary Members

  1. The distinction of honorary member may be conferred upon any individual who has rendered special service to the Club.
  2. Nominations for honorary member shall be submitted in writing to the Executive committee for consideration.
  3. Honorary members shall enjoy the same privileges as active members, except the right to vote or hold office, and shall be exempt from dues and assessments.

Article V- Suspension or Expulsion

  1. Any member in arrears in dues for two months will be notified by a Board Member, prior to suspension, about the non-payment status, to afford the member the opportunity to provide payment or be suspended from the Club.
  2. Any member suspended for non-payment of dues may be reinstated upon reapplying and review of the application by the Board for reinstatement.
  3. Any members whose actions are prejudicial to the interest of the Club or its members may be expelled from the Club by a majority vote of the Executive. No reimbursement of dues shall be payable.

Article VI- Annual General Meeting

  1. An annual general meeting shall be held at the January meeting, unless membership votes have it at some other time because of unforeseen problems with the normal date. Nomination of judges will be held in February with final election in March through the use of ballots.
  2. Notice of the annual meeting shall be given in writing to members prior to the meeting. This may be a special notification, or by way of the newsletter.
  3. Election of the officers shall take place at the annual general meeting in January. Nominations are open. Voting will be completed using secret ballots. The President shall call for nominations from the floor for the following positions:
    1. a.      President
    2. b.      Vice-President
    3. c.       Secretary
    4. d.      Treasurer
    5. e.      Membership/Ring Registrar
    6. f.        Show Manager
    7. g.      Program Convener

Any person nominated must be a paid member.

  1. Should the President be nominated for any of these positions he/she shall relinquish the chair until that vote is taken. Should he/she be re-elected President, he/she may resume the chair and continue the elections. Should another individual be names President, the new President will assume the duties following the meeting.
  2. The President will call three times for nominations for each position. Should only one candidate be nominated, he/she will declare the individual elected. Should there be contenders for a position, ballots will be distributed and the elections will be by secret ballot. The President will name two members as scrutineers. They will report the results to the President who will name the victor, but will not disclose the vote count. The ballots will then be destroyed. 
  3. In the case of a tie vote, a second ballot will be held. Should the results still be undecided, the President will cast the deciding ballot.
  4. An individual not present at the meeting may be eligible for nomination if he/she advises the Secretary in writing prior to the meeting, indicating his/her interest, and advising the position for which he/she will stand.
  5. Election is for staggered two year terms, but members are eligible for re-election. The President, Treasurer, Show Manager, and Program Convener shall be elected one year, and the Vice-President, Secretary, and Membership/Ring Registrar in alternate years.
  6. The President may ask the membership to select such other committees or positions as the Club may wish (i.e. newsletter editor, librarian, publicity committee, etc).
  7. Two members may be elected to act as auditors for the year, but will not be members of the Executive. They will be expected to examine the books of the Club and to submit a written report for the meeting following the annual meeting.

Article VII- Duties of Officers/Executive Committee

  1. The Executive shall conduct the day-to-day affairs of the Club and provide for any unforeseen circumstances. Meeting of the Executive shall be at the call of the President. Minutes of the Executive committee meeting shall be read at the following membership meeting.
  2. The President shall preside at the meeting of the Club and of the Executive, and exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Club. He/She shall conduct the elections at the annual general meeting. He/She shall be the chief signing officer for the Club, and with the Treasurer, shall sign all the checks. He/She shall call executive meetings, and may call special meeting of the membership when necessary. The President shall be the Club’s liaison member on any outside or affiliate organizations. He/She may appoint a designate when unable to attend. In the case of a member of the executive not being able to complete his/her term, the President shall appoint a member to complete the balance of that term.
  3. The Vice-President shall act in the absences of the President, and have all the powers of the President when acting. He/She shall perform such duties as assigned by the President.
  4. The Secretary shall record and keep minutes of all meetings, attend to correspondence, and perform any required clerical work. The Secretary shall read minutes from the previous meeting and any committee meetings at the next regular meeting. Mail for the Club shall be directed to the Secretary. It shall be the duty of the new incoming Secretary to advice outside agencies and associations of the change of mailing address of the Club.
  5. The Treasurer shall receive all monies and pay all accounts of the Club. He/She shall operate an account at a recognized bank or trust company in the name of the Club. All checks shall be signed by the President and Treasurer. He/She shall record all transactions of the Club in a manner satisfactory to the auditors and shall maintain the books at all times open to inspection by the President and auditors. Officers shall forward all monies and accounts to the treasurer, and have proper receipts and invoices for any accounts submitted. The Treasurer shall report to the membership at each meeting.
  6. The Membership/Ring Registrar shall keep a complete and accurate record of members, and shall order, distribute, and record bands for members. All monies shall be turned over to the treasurer immediately. Closed rings are to be issued to only members in good standing.
  7. The Show Manager shall make arrangements for any shop which the Club hosts. Along with the Show manager, Section managers shall establish a show committee to assist in planning and operating the show. His/Her duties, in consultation with the show committee, include booking a how hall, establishing classes and show rules, selection and ordering of awards, arranging a show catalogue and soliciting advertisements, arrangements for publicity, raffle tables, food facilities, and such other items must be resolved. He/She must report to the executive committee, which will decide on financial matters such as show entry and advertising rates. Final decisions, with the exception of budget items, rest with the Show Manager. He/She may name a show secretary to assist him/her. He/She may delegate any of these items. It is his/her responsibility to request a budget, and to ensure that the show is conducted within that budget. He/She must report to the membership at the meetings. The assistant show manager shall act as the managers’ assistant, and carry out such duties as are assigned to him/her. He/She shall act in the absence of the Show Manager and have all the powers of the manager while so acting.
  8. The Program Convener shall arrange speakers and programs for the meetings. Every effort shall be made to arrange programs several months in advance so that a calendar can be provided to the membership. It shall also be the duty of the Program Convener to arrange individual(s) to open the meeting hall, prepare the coffee, conduct raffles, and lock up following the meeting. Responsibilities also include arranging for introducing, thanking, and recognition for the speakers.

Article VIII- Amendments

  1. These by-laws can be amended only at a regular meeting of the Club. Notice of proposed amendments must be presented to the membership in writing prior to a vote being taken.

Article IX- Members Code of Ethics & Obligations to the Club

  1. To aid and encourage the Club in its activities through presence at planned activities, support through financial or volunteered help, attendance at meetings, and through conducts that will merit the respect and good will of others.

Southeastern Mass Canary Club

Rules of Order

  1. Any member wishing to speak shall be recognized by the chair. Remarks shall be directed respectfully, avoiding personalities.
  2. If two or more members wish to be recognized, the President shall decide who will speak first.
  3. The President may debate any subject upon vacating the chair for that portion of the meeting.
  4. Motions must be moved, seconded, and accepted.
  5. A motion may be withdrawn by the mover and seconder.
  6. No member may participate in the discussion or voting on an item in which he/she has financial interests.
  7. All motions and their disposition shall be recorded in the minutes.
  8. When a member is called to order by the President, he/she must cease speaking until the point is decided by the chair.
  9. A member may challenge the ruling of the chair. Debate ceases, and the chair must ask “Does the membership uphold the ruling of the chair?”.
  10. All voting is by show of hands, with the exception of balloting,


Order of Business at Regular Meetings

  1. Call to order
  2. Introduction of new members
  3. Minutes of previous meeting and interim committee meetings
  4. Business arising out of the minutes
  5. Treasures report
  6. Membership and Ring Registrars report
  7. Correspondence
  8. New business
  9. Coffee break
  10. Introduction of speaker
  11. Speaker
  12. Adjournment

As a general rules, business should be restricted to the first half hour, leaving the balance of the meeting for the speaker, and to provide time for members to ask questions of the speaker. To facilitate this schedule, the executive committee will meet regularly to process routine business, reporting to the membership at the regular meeting.